Checking Informix Instance Status

Since, a single UNIX server can have multiple Informix instances running, follow the below steps to find out a particular instance status:

1.Login to UNIX (or windows) box using informix userid/password

2.If you have multiple Informix server instances running on the UNIX (or windows) box then your DBA might have already setted up environment files for each instance. Source the respective environment file

3.Each instance environment file must have the below environment variables:

INFORMIXDIR: Is the directory where the Informix server is installed
INFORMIXSERVER: The Informix instance name
INFORMIXSQLHOSTS: This is optional one. If no entry specified for this then the default entry for this is: $INFORMIXDIR/etc/sqlhosts
ONCONFIG: This tell the Informix instance configuration parameters
PATH: The path for executables. The $INFORMIXDIR/bin should be added to this.
LD_LIBRARY_PATH: Tells where to look for Informix library files on non AIX platform
SHLIBPATH: Tells where to look for Informix library files on AIX platforms
*************Sample Informix instance Environment file******************
export INFORMIXDIR=/opt/informix/run32
export ONCONFIG=onconfig.ids9
export TERMCAP=$INFORMIXDIR/etc/termcap

4.To check the instance status type “onstat -“ from command prompt as shown in below screenshot

ids9> onstat –

Server Status.png
“On-Line” from above screenshot means the instance is up and running.
9.40.HC7: is the Informix version number
and the instance is on line from 212 days 19:25:41

Note: onstat is an utility that comes with Informix installation. The path of this utility is: $INFORMIXDIR/bin/onstat



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