Informix/IDS: Miscellaneous command options

The below chart will be very handy :

Command Description
oncheck -ci Check indexes for specified database/table
oncheck -pe Print detailed extents information
oncheck -pt Print information for specified table
onstat – Print version, status, uptime and memory usage
onstat -u Print user threads
onstat -d Print dbspaces and chunks
onstat -g sql ‘session #’ Print sql information for session #
onstat -l display logical log status
onmode -l move to next logical log
onparams -p Physical log dbspace changes
onstat -c Display ONCONFIG file
onstat -k print locks
onstat -m pring message log
onmode -z “session #” Kill session
oncheck -pr Pring page information
onstat -p Print profile information
onparams -a

onparams -a -i

Add logical log
onstat -g ckp To get configuration recommendations
onmode -Y “session id” To SET EXPLAIN ON dynamically for a session
onstat -r -r ==> Flag is to repeat command
oncheck -cc Checks system catalog tables for give database
onmode -wf Update the value of the specified configuration parameter and save  the new value to the onconfig file
onmode -D To change the value of MAX_PDQPRIORITY while the database server is online
oninit -j Initialize shared memory, leave in single user mode
onstat -g glo Amount of system CPU time and user CPU time per virtual processor
onmode -BC 1|2 To control the availability of large chunks, chunks greater than 2 GB
oncheck Database disk configuration usage
onperf Database graphical monitoring tool
onstat Tool to monitor shared memory
onmode -c [block | unblock] Do checkpoint. Block or unblock server.
onmode -wm To update configuration parameter values for current session
onstat -g env Server startup environment
onstat -g stm Prints all prepared statements
onmode -j Change from quiescent/online to administration mode in which you want to execute SQL statements
onstat -b Buffer size
onmode -a To add a segment of specified size to virtual shared memory
onstat -o To capture a statis snapshot of database server shared memory for later analysis and comparision
onstat -g seg Info about memory segments
onstat -g arc dbspaces archive status


Cheers! RK


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