informix:dbspace size

Note: The below query lists all the available dbspaces and their storage allocated/free in MB. This query is tested on IDS 12.1

database sysmaster;
select name dbspace, sum(chksize) allocated, sum(nfree) free,
round(((sum(chksize) – sum(nfree))/sum(chksize))*100) pcused ,
sum(chksize) *2/1024 MB_Allocated,
sum(nfree)*2/1024 MB_Free,
round (((sum(chksize) – sum(nfree))/sum(chksize))*100 ,2) per_used
from sysdbspaces d, syschunks c
where d.dbsnum = c.dbsnum
group by name
order by pcused desc

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