LDAP Authentication in IBM Netezza

Three authentication methods:

  • Local
  • LDAP
  • Kerberos

LDAP authentication differs from local authentication method in that Netezza system uses the username and password stored on LDAP server.

Please note that: same LDAP user account must also exist in Netezza system catalogs.

Keep in mind the following characteristics of LDAP authentication:

  • After the LDAP authentication process completes successfully, the Netezza system looks up the user in the system catalog. The system displays an error message if it does not find the user, and it terminates the session.
  • If authentication fails, you see the message LDAP authentication failed. The system notes the reason for the failure in the /nz/kit/log/postgres/pg.log file.
  • Netezza users should not notice any difference between LDAP and local authentication.
  • When you CREATE or ALTER a user account, a password is not required if you use LDAP authentication. (Local authentication continues to require a password for user accounts.)

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