Scheduler rules in 7.1

IBM Netezza introduced scheduler rules in

These scheduler rules replace the gatekeeper settings from previous releases, and add more capabilities that can help administrators to limit or enforce resource allocation, priority, or plan estimates for scheduling policies to manage how queries obtain and share the system resources.

For example, you can use schedule rules to set the following kinds of workload controls:

  • Limit the number of active plans based on the estimated costs for the plans
  • Limit the number of active plans based on criteria such as user resource group, priority, user, database, table, client, or other user-defined tags
  • Prevent common jobs such as loads or other operations from blocking queues
  • Set cost estimates manually for specific queries.
  • Prevent specific queries from being flagged as short queries, which can improve queue management

The Netezza admin database user and database users who have the Schedule Rule privilege can create and manage the scheduler rules using SQL commands.

For IBM Netezza systems that upgrade to release, the upgrade converts any existing gatekeeper settings in the /nz/data/config/system.cfg file to scheduler rules.

If your Netezza system used customized workload management settings, those settings are now enforced using scheduler rules, and you can display them using the SHOW SCHEDULER RULE SQL command.

Downgrading fromIBM Netezza release or later to a release before removes the defined scheduler rules and replaces them with gatekeeper settings defined in the /nz/data/config/system.cfg file.



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